BigData Workflow Engine for Hadoop, Hbase, Netezza, Pig, Hive, Cascalog ...

Glue Job execution

Who should use this?


Glue is a job execution engine, written in Java and Groovy. workflows are written in Groovy DSL (simple statements) and use pre-developed modules to interact with external resources e.g. DBs, Hadoop, Netezza, FTP etc.

Abstracting configuration from functionality

In Glue one of the main features and design goals is to always abstract configuration away from functionality. This means that no more hardcoded IPs, UserIDs and Passwords spread over 10s of hundreds of bash/python scripts.

Scripts written for one environment can be easily ported to another because the configuration is done outside of each workflow.

How is this done?

Each Module has a configuration section in the /opt/glue/conf/workflow_modules.grooy where data like hosts, ips, usernames etc are placed. This configuration is loaded and provided to the Module before starting each workflow.

Configurations can be changed dynamically and are re-read before each workflow run, such that no restart is required.

Extending via Modules

Functionality can be added to an already running and installed Glue instance, via dynamically loaded modules.

A module abstracts away complex and repetitive interactions with external systems.


Glue provides modules for the below systems:

MySQL (via JDBC any JDBC compliant DB) Netezza HDFS Pig Hive FTP and SFTP

These modules are called via the context in each workflow script:

E.g. to cat through each line in each file in an HDFS directory do: 'mydir', { line -> / do something with the text line / }